Application Development

The SMART Group has been responsible for the development and deployment of many successful software applications. These are custom built for our client's unique sales requirements.

As part of our standard Contact / Call Centre offering, we develop a custom built agent desktop application that integrates with a Genesys softphone - enabling our agents to record interaction results, view scripting and information that has been integrated from external CRM systems, and validate data prior to saving to avoid exceptions. 

For our Field Marketing / Direct Sales channels, we streamline all administrative processes by creating custom built account management / CRM systems that provide users nationally with the ability to track a sale through its lifecycle to becoming a billable customer. 

Development Process:

Tsg _application _developmentEnsuring that each interaction is of the highest quality and that all sale requirements are met is at the core of our application development methodology. This fundamental objective allows us to tailor a marketing strategy, implement sophisticated technology solutions, deliver reporting for business decisions and achieve the highest possible return on investment for our clients. 

Some of our application development capabilities include:

  • The construction of custom built .NET, PHP and Apple based applications.
  • Integration with various database sources including MSSQL, MySQL, SQLLite and ACT!
  • Extensive reporting through our use of Microsoft Reporting Services in addition to custom built reports available externally via the internet. These also include visual tools such as graphs, charts and interactive data cubes that provide extensive mining capabilities.
  • Export Transform Load (ETL) processes, which automates the import and export of sales data into a various formats, integrating with external CRM systems.