Field Marketing

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The Field Marketing / Direct Sales division of The SMART Group provides consumer focused and business-to-business sales services across Australia and has worked with clients across industries such as energy, telecommunications, finance and consumer products.

Our key offerings include:

  • Consulting on the appropriate channel structure, taking into consideration mediums such as direct mail, lead generation etc.
  • Market segmentation and propensity modelling, enabling you to 'cherry pick' the areas that are most likely to purchase your products.
  • Provision and management of a highly trained direct sales workforce across Australia.
  • Access to market leading technology through our partnership with InterfaceIT, providing your representatives with tablet-based solutions (iKnock) that can improve customer experience, remove paper-based sales processes and connect directly with your administrative systems.    
  • Streamlined sales and data processing, either through our in-house administration or direct from the iKnock software.
  • Extensive business knowledge in relation to setting appointments, gathering data, minimising exceptions and removing houses that are part of your exclusions list.